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Apr 5, 2009
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Here are a few that I have done recently. Always looking for some feedback. Ohh and before anybody says anything, the text was wanted in these shots.

i like them all but number 1 its just akward/ random looking to me but thats just my oppinion
1) the post the boy is next to is distracting.
2)cute, but could have benefited from some fill flash.
3)cute, but looks soft. High ISO?
5)half her face is blown out, otherwise a good moment.
i'm torn...
#1: like the composition, but to me the vignette doesnt work where its at on here... too much sun on their hair and the vignette is countering it.. to me a bit distracting

#2 i do not like this perspective and the overall pic... the black and whites dont work on this and appears, almost scary

#3 is good, but seems soft to me, and usually i like full frame shots like that, but.. even though an infant wouldve been much better if was looking directly at the camera

keep shooting and all..
i would try to focus on compositions mostly.
Thank you for the feedback! I really do appreciate it.

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