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Jun 3, 2012
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Looking for feedback on a few from a recent shoot. Constructive criticism is always appreciated!



Overall I think these a very nice, your posing is creative and your subjects look relaxed.

1- Nice pose, I wish his toes weren't cut off. Either the whole leg in the image or a little closer crop. The shadows are a little harsh, I'm not sure what could have been changed to prevent that, if there were a similar stair location in open shade that might've been better. The addition of a reflector could help soften those shadows as well.

2- Another cute engagement pose. Again, I wish the tips of his fingers weren't cut off. This seems a little cool, the white balance might've been off a bit. You can especially see a blue cast in the highlights. Her shoulder blends into his neck a little bit as well, that's nitpicky on my part but if her shoulder were lower that might help separate them.

3- And yet another cute pose. Watch out for poles growing out of people, the red beam is coming straight out of his head. Could be avoided by repositioning while shooting. There's also something distracting in the bottom right corner, if you have some editing experience you might be able to clone some of it out.

Nice work, flattering portraits. I'm sure your clients are happy with them.

Hope this helps!
Clipping!!!! Feet and hands.
Missing toes and fingers.... BAD!
Your posing is nice.. though something feels a lil unnatural about 2 and I think its her hand placement. Looks stiff. Hand/foot clipping already mentioned as well as the red pole out of his head and 2 being a lil cool.
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I did not notice the white balance issue until it was pointed out. I hate cropping off limbs but made a calculated decision to do it on the first image. There was caution tape in front of the steps that was in between the subject and my camera and ran right along his shoes. I tried cloning it out and just couldn't get the look II wanted over the laces of his sneakers so instead cropped the image.

The fingers cut in the second photo bother me too but I otherwise liked the shot.

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