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Jun 25, 2010
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I would like recommendations for a free website (like flickr, deviant art, etc.) that will allow me to host photos for others to view. It doesn't have to have comments or messaging or any of that extra crap. This is just so my family can see the pics without me having to send them in 50 separate emails. Also, Flickr and deviantart don't display the images too large if I remember correctly.

So basically I need a site that is free, will allow me to post photos, and displays the photos fairly large. I don't need all the extras that deviantart and flickr provide but if there is a site that satisfies the above three requirements, I will take the extras with it.

Thanks for your help,
Sorry about tricking you here.
Photobucket seems to post the images pretty small.
Picasa web albums? Picasa 3 is a free editing program you can get straight from google. It's not the greatest but it works, from there you can upload them to picasa web albums for the entire world to see!
Flickr will display large "original" size images. It all depends on what you upload.
The free account does limit how much you can upload in a month, though.

You'll have limitations with pretty much any free host. Why not break down and pay, Flickr and smugmug are fairly cheap.
Whenever I need a quick link or embed I just go to because you don't have to register. Just upload. You can pic the size of the image too.

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