Red Efts


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Jan 7, 2019
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Most folks in the Eastern United States are more familiar with this Newt in it's landbased red-spotted orange coloring. This is the final aquatic(gilled) adult stage. However, if the water supply dries out, it can return to its orange(air breathing) stage to seek newer waters. Newts/Salamanders are amazing creatures to begin with.
Nice! That's really newt! Is it me, or is the camera focusing on the water surface? Did you use a polarizing filter for this shot?
No filter. The water is about 2 inches deep, and I can't really tell if it's focusing on the water or the Newts.
focusing through water can be tough. cool photos, must have been fun to watch.
Nice shots, good effort but not focused on anything in particular that I can tell. Not your fault either, cameras just don't know what to focus on sometimes and you can't always tell that something is out of focus while looking through the view finder and just about everything looks good on a 3" screen. Often, you think the camera did it's job but it didn't. It 's why I usually focus, snap, focus, snap several times in an effort to change the focus each time and hope that at least on shot came out right.

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