Red headed angel,my first entry in this forum

Igor Lubenski

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Nov 16, 2007
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puppy face


the second picture looks like kelly clarkson
There's some green cast on the face on the second shot.
The first one is almost perfect to me. But there is one hair going across her face in between her nose and right eye. Other than that great shot and welcome to the forums.
Cool shots. The stray hair strands in the first one bothers me though.

You've got a great model there...dont lose her. Very enigmatic and expressive, also cute to boot ;)
NIcely done. Love the sharpness in the eyes. Very pretty too.
thank you guys,about the hair:
when i made this shot i didn't noticed this because it pretty spontenous,and is PS i didn't knew how to fix it...
by the way sorry if had spelling mistakes i'm used to speak in hebrew [;
shot one is great for me, i didn't like 2 after seeing the first one, precise in the eyes, I'm yet to do any portrait photography, but I like the shot.
I love both of them, nice details, eyes are nicely lite and my PhotoRenate is a gorgeous redhead!

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