Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas, NV.


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Dec 31, 2011
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Las Vegas
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Hi everyone! I'm brand new around this site. Here's an image I shot early one morning in Red Rock. Other than a slight cropping, this image is unmodified. I shoot a lot of my B&W images using the custom monochrome settings in camera. Let me know what'cha think. I'm my own harshest critic and always see room for improvement.

It is a little overpowering, but I've had a few images "borrowed" without asking.:(
If I was impatient and saw the photo without reading the title or opening thread, I'd have thought the pic was an advertisement and this is a spam.

Gotcha. This is my first thread here. Definitely not trying to spam or anything. I'll try again in a bit with a toned down watermark.
Hmm, your camera does a fair job on the B&W conversion.
I feel that there is too much sky though ... possibly crop some out.
How can you have a B&W version of Red Rocks??? Red Rocks is about the majesty of its color.

Lets see the color version before its copped to black and white.
Many photographers have mentioned why they are forced to place the watermark on some principal point of the image; so i think that may please be tolerated anymore.....

Regarding the image: You have a wonderful cloud formation here; the rock crests are also solid in style; what ifeel is that there must be more light in the foreground and also on the rocks.... i would like to know how it looks after that changes

Regards :D
See to me B&W doesn't do this image justice. I was in vegas in April and Red Rock well is gorgeous and the colors are part of what makes it so special. I would love to see this in color. I went to Valley of Fire when I was out there and thought that it was amazing. Love Nevada. If you haven't been to valley of fire I highly recommend you go. I have a bunch of images on my flickr from there and its truly spectacular.
I can understand the giant watermark in the middle. I went through a stage where I did that. You'll get through it.

But are TWO watermarks really called for man? For real?

Agree with the others about B&W not doing it justice. Let's see it in color.
Red Rocks is definitely spectacular with the colors. I shot this image at the crack 'o dawn on what turned out to be a dreary and rainy day. I felt the B&W captured the moodiness of the scene. Valley of fire is spectacular too. Busy family life keeps me from getting out there at prime hours though.:meh: I do have a couple spots scouted out for the occasion.
Alrighty. I cropped it a bit tighter and removed the obnoxious watermark across the middle. It seems to have lost some depth to me. I think the mountains trailing into the distance were what caught my eye when I shot it.


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