Red Wing Black Bird

very little bird... and very little detail on the bird. Kind of a strange color cast too...
The bird was being uncooperative, wasn't it? Next time tell him to turn the hell around! :lol:

With a backlit subject and with the subject being black, you'll need to do one of three things. 1) Add some fill flash to brighten it. 2) Position yourself with the sun to your back. 3) Enjoy the moment and forget about the camera.
Like the framing, but yeah a touch of fill flash would help.
Ya I wish he were looking at me and I was at a do not get out of your car type refuge so the angle is what it is but I totally agree. Black subject are hard sometimes to pull the detail out especially with a small bird like this. I still like this pic though.
Fantastic shot!!! Really nice!

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