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Nov 3, 2007
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I've already shown it to a couple of firemen who like it, so that bodes well.

It has a kind of impressionist feel to it, but to be honest, it's not likely to hold my attention for long.
What is your obsession with taking blurry pictures. Please tell me because I just cant figure it out. The firemen you showed it to must be cross eyed, drunk, stupid, or just trying to be nice (nice is probably the answer)
is that a can of Coke?
It is Father Christmas, the colours tell me ...
I remember mornings when all the world around me looked similar to this image ;)
now i am slightly unsure.. you might be right .... this red&white ... hmmmm
With every new thread, I feel more and more as if rob91 must be a joke account.
it wasn't me! I swear!
Rob91 we now know how to make blurry pictures now kindly stop postng them lol

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