Redbud Trunk

Discussion in 'Nature & Wildlife' started by CBK13, May 15, 2008.

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    Shot on my Pentax 7.1 meg on super macro. PS color corrected, sharpness filtered, contrast and bright adjusted.


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    I like this, though personally I find the background distracting - too much is happening in it - I would have moved a little to try and get only the tree in the background - simpler (you could crop this shot closer to get that effect as well).
    My only other crit for this shot is the depth of field (its really tricky I find to get this right for macro shots - you often end up with either way too much or too little - one of those times you really want you computer in the field with you)
    I would have prefered it to be a little greater - you have the focus on the center of the plant and the pettels surrounding are a little soft - might be that focusing on them would have worked a little better.

    Overall I like the subject and think its well worth trying to get back to shoot it again - I like the colours and brightness and you have the lighting well under control

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