Refurbished camera's?


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Dec 6, 2007
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I was looking for a nice budget price on the rebel xt, and i was scaning adorama and i found a "Canon Refurbished" version. I was wondering if this was a good buy, or a bum one? I honestly dont have any problem with buying a refurbished item, because it would get more factory testing ect..
if you were just looking for a good price on the xt go to they sell some pretty good used gear. i think they're selling a lightly used xt body for $299
Well i have already found where i would like to buy from. Adorama seems like a good place with good reputation, i just want opinions on buying refurbished cameras/lenses
As long as it is "factory refurbished" there should be no worries. They are usually packaged as new or like-new condition with full warranty should anything go wrong. My previous EF 70-300 IS f/4-5.6 was refurbished and you could not tell if it was or not. Worked flawlessy if not a little loud with the older IS version. Only tell-tale sign was the sticker that stated it was refurbished.
my xti is a refurbed and the only way anyone can tell is the sticker that says it on the battery door. adorama is reputable so don't worry about it. as long as its canon refurbished (factory refurbished) its good to go. a really easy way to save a few bucks

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