Remember the Swan Babies?

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    Well, they went across the road to a private property pond and were very difficult to get a glimpse of through a field and between a post-n-rail and beyond. They returned this week. 5 of 6 babies remain. The first day I saw them the parents did the I'm SO BIG you had better go away routine. I've watched them move an entire flock of Canadian Geese with this move. It's quite scarey.

    1. Baby pic

    2. Protective parent - this isn't full up and very threatening when they are coming dead on at you.

    Now you can see they are getting their beautious white swan feathers when they stretch.
    3. Stretch

    4. Stretch

    And now, talk about a turn about. While I sat on the bank last night, they came up 1 by 1 and sat all around me. I must say I pretty much thought I would have to change my shorts as a parent came first and sat behind me (blocking my direct means of escape). I thought I'd chance it and try not to make any sudden moves as well as no direct eye contact. He was so close I could barely fit him in at the short zoom end 70mm. And as you can see, he kept an eye on me while the others did their thing. I just pointed the camera that way and quickly turned just my head to get the pic and turned away again.

    5. On guard duty

    After a hour some started to settle and go to sleep, by now it's actually cool and damp, not wanting to spend the night I quietly and slowly snuk along the bank edge and away. A few more parting shots. Hope you enjoy.
    6. Ready for bed



    8. Family outing



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