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Dec 3, 2007
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Due to popular demand we have recently made our Remote Controlled Photography Rover available to the public. I thought this might interest some of the Wildlife photographers. Most of the ones we sell are customized for photographers photographing predators and other wildlife. It gives a great ground up perspective and allows you to interact with animals in places you couldn't before

Full details can be found here: Video.html



They have an introductory price of $1795.99 and it can be completely customized to your needs. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask.
Looks cool! Don't know if I want a bear to eat my new D3, but a neat concept. How is the trigger setup for the camera? Every brand/model is unique. Just curious.
Most of the Rover's we sold, the photographers had their own wireless trigger. The ones that didn't, told us the model camera they were using and we matched an adjustable bracket for it to depress the trigger. we have a contact at a local Photography shop that lets us measure up their cameras.

We do have bulletproof casing available if you tell us the lens and body you're using. The rover can be made with a bulletproof Kevlar/Poly composite as well, if predators are the target.

Many photographers set their camera on a tripod and trigger the camera remotely but animals often knock it over and you can't see what you're shooting. So this gives you the ability to not only see what your camera sees but also interact with the animal or keep your camera mobile.

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