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Jun 22, 2003
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I have a minolta STsi and recently purchased a Minolta 3500xi remote flash with stroboframe for it. I can use the flash on it's stand out and in front of the camera, but when it is mounted on the stroboframe, the on camera flash does not flash the 3500si. Any idea's. Thanks.
Knowing nothing about your exact setup I'll take a wild stab at a possible solution.

This flash is a slave that is triggered by another flash? No physical connection between the flash and the camera?

Best solution is to hook the flash to the camera with a PC cord. If not possible you may be able to get a slave trigger placed somewhere in front of the camera (out of the picture frame) that can fire the flash using a PC cord.

You might try going to B&H Photography's web site and request their Professional Lighting Source Book. It's free, an inch-and-a-half thick, and if you can't find a solution in there for your problem there probably isn't one. :)

The Minolta STsi does not have a hookup for a pc cord. The optional flash, 3500si, was made for this camera. The camera comes with a builted-in pop up flash. My wife wants to take shadow free photo's so we bought this optional flash and a stroboframe. If you set the optional flash, with it's tripod, on the subject out in front of the camera, it works fine, but on the stroboframe, it does not get enough light from the built-in flash to flash the 3500xi. Hope this clears it up some.
Is the sensor on the front or the back of the external flash?

If it's on the back you're pretty well screwed using the Stroboframe I think.

If it's on the front you may be able to rig some kind of reflector to bounce the camera flash onto the external flash's sensor to get it to fire.

Not much help I'm afraid. Play around with it, maybe something will present itself as a solution when you least expect it.


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