Remote for Cannon T3i (600D)

I think the camera user manual should have a section referenced to this, right?
I also wanna get the solution, no user manual at hand.
You don't pair it. You have to put your camera in the mode for the remote release.

See page 261 of your T3i owners manual.

Basically you'll press the left-arrow button on the 5-way navigator (this is the "Drive mode" button and brings up the "Drive mode" selection on the rear LCD screen). Use the left-right buttons to highlight the icon of the remote & clock (this is the 10 second self timer but also puts the camera into IR remote mode), then press the "Set" button.

If you were to press the shutter button at this time, the camera would count down 10 seconds and take a shot.

BUT... if you press the button on the remote, the camera will either fire instantly OR it'll count down 2 seconds to take the shot (it depends on the position of the slide switch on the back of your remote.)

Don't forget to change the "Drive mode" back when you're finished using the remote.

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