remove that pole for me!


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Nov 23, 2007
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hey peoples. heres the pic:


could someone please remove that light pole thats sticking out of the hood of the car!!?

please and thanks!!
If you want somebody to edit, you should post a larger version. Editing a tiny jpeg would be pointless. It looks out of focus anyways.
IRFanView - which is a free photo program - has a great tool for editing things like that. It's the cloning tool. You set the area you want to copy and then use the pencil tool to draw over another area.

So for something like this you set it to copy a spot just to the side of the pole and start drawing over the pole. It disappears like magic.

It's not as perfect as Photoshop but it's amazingly close. And it doesn't cost 500 dollars. :)

IRFanView Homepage

This took me maybe 3 minutes. Obviously results can be far better if you take your time and are really trying. Not bad for a free program (I think).

wow amazing what you can do with a little know how of photoshop.

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