Removing Backgrounds

Hi i was wondering if any one can help. I took some photos of my sister kids over christmas. I came across this site which sells photo backdrops . i was wondering how do i replace the background with one of those from the site.

Removing the background would simply be a case of selecting the area to remove, then clearing the pixels and putting the background layer behind the image.

The problem is that it will most likely be difficult for you to get anything that looks realistic, especially round areas of hair etc. 'Realistic' may not be the best word to use, since the backgrounds are obviously not real (some of them), but you know what i mean.

If you post what software you have, someone might be able to better help you. Or post the picture and see if anyone has time to have a quick play.
Often the subjects hair is the problem and often has a "plastic" look after the new BG is plugged in.
You need some really nice software (Photoshop) to be able to pull this sort of thing off. I find I can't do it well with my mouse, but with my writing tablet it is easy. So I don't know how you want to look at this, but I'd probably try to stay away a little bit because it will always look really fake.

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