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Nov 16, 2007
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This might be a silly question but I'm having a hard time removing my circular polarizer when I have it in front of a UV filter or a step up ring. I just can't seem to get them to separate easily without getting my greasy finger prints all over the place. Does anyone have any tips or tricks? I've tried screwing them in as lightly as possible but they seem to always tighten when I adjust the polarizer.

Any help would be great and it would save my hands from cramping. Thanks in advance!
I have this problem all the time too. I haven't really found a good solution yet, but I hear that graphite helps a lot (haven't tried it yet, but it's on my shopping list...).

Don't waste your money on those plastic filter wrenches, they don't work.
I have the same issue from time to time. Usually I'll try to put all 5 fingers on the filter and then just twist it for all you're worth. I've heard that if you only use 2 or 3 fingers you can put pressure on the filter and make the metal ring turn SLIGHTLY oblong which makes it more difficult to twist. So using all 5 fingers eliminates that.

Also, not sure you'd need the UV and CPL filter together. Might not be worth the headache.
I usually keep the UV filter on just to protect the lens when I take the polarizer off when I switch lenses or the step downs on f stops are unwanted.

I've been playing with it all night and noticed that if I use a very light touch with more than 3 fingers, it comes off with very little effort. It amazed me each time it happened. I would twist with all my might till my fingers went numb. Then I would just lightly turn and off it came...go figure lol
I have came up with the theory (because none of my other filters get jammed on like my CPL's) that when I rotate the CPL the same way as you tighten the filter, it gets it on real tight - especially as my CPL is pretty thin - I noticed that my fingers were on both the front and rear 'elements' when I was adjusting it.

My fix is to rotate it the opposite way - and I have no probs with getting it off now. Just need to be a wee bit careful that you don't rotate the CPL off.

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