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Mar 4, 2009
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Hi All !
I would like to invite You to my web gallery. I am young polish photojournalist co-operating with polish newspapers. Now based in Warsaw. In my reportages I want to be as close to people problems as I can.

If You see speaker sing, please turn on Your speakers.
At intro site click enter for english.

Meet the Poland
See pictures and listen to the stories.

Aleksander Prugar - zbiór reporta¿y
super zdiecia. Nastepnym razem jak bedziesz leciał do Nowego Jorku to pisz do mnie to sie spotkamy :D. O and for those who can't read should learn it lol. NOthing iportant in what I wrote.
I'll probably look like a fool for asking this but I just can't help it.

Are some of the miners wearing eyeliner? I don't know much about mining, or men in Poland, so bash away at my ignorance! :lol:
Haha yes all Polish men wear eye liner :p. j/k. They are working in a coal mine and in coal mines you have coal dust which sticks to your body and since your eyelid edges are wet the sut stick easier to it...I think
okay. Idę do Twojej galerii ?
Galerie swoją będe miał niedługo lepszą. Pierw muszę fotek porobić. A tak wogule to swoją galerie sam robiłeś?
im with ya on the eyeliner's very pronounced in the "clean" pics...if that's permanent coloration from the dust, it cant be healthy.

fantastic shots though!
well done.

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