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Mar 28, 2008
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Muskoka Canada
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while treking through the jungle to a waterfall we almost found this snake the hard way. my friend in the picture almost grabed it while scrambling through some vines. the lizard was sitting in the mist at the waterfall.



Why would you think I might really really like the last photo?????? Any ideas???

And hey, that snake's a little beauty!
I have rarely seen one this straight!
What a find!
water droplets? ha, id not thought of that. i have another one of a close up of his face and a drop hanging from his chin. or am i way off the mark on this one?
Droplets would be ANOTHER good guess. Yessss.
But think more on the lines of favourite colour - maybe :wink: :wink: :wink:

That thunderstorm green out in the air was eerie! It was a dirty green. Not the colour I so like... :pale: With THAT certain green, I was glad when it was all over. But it was a thrilling experience, all the same!!!

Hey, but I had to show the first snake pic to my daughter and she (like myself) was quite surprised to see a snake this straight! But she, too, finds that it is a "cute snake". :D You don't know what kind of snake it was? And if it was venemous or not?
hmm, after an hour or so of looking stuff up it seems to me that it's a parrot snake.
Parrot Snake - Picture - MSN Encarta
they are rear fanged snakes and weather they are venomous or not is sketchy. one article refered to rear fanged snakes:

But as we proceed, it starts getting more interesting and quite a bit warmer, because now we come to the rear-fanged Colubrids. Most of these too, are not medically significant, but some few certainly are. Most have rather stubby, grooved teeth set far to the rear of the mouth; only a little larger than the others. The venom (it really is, this time), is applied through the grooves in these teeth and cannot be effective until the prey is pretty much on its way into the snake’s gullet. The American hognosed snakes are good examples of this. The venom of these animals is so mild that some have questioned if it’s really a venom at all. Me, I call it a venom.

The rear-fanged list further includes such lovely and innocuous creatures as the
vine, lyre, and parrot snakes among many others. But some, such as the mangrove and cat snakes can deal a very painful and incapacitating bite, if not a fatal one.

Another used the term rear-fanged Colubrids but called it non venomous. wether this means not at all venomous or mildly and undangerously venomous im not sure.

One way or another i agree that it's very pretty. here are a couple more shots of him and his contortions.



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