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Jun 3, 2013
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I should probably first apologize for my noobness again, but I discovered something that is most likely well known but I decided to share it here anyway.

For a few years a while ago I was big in to black powder hunting and shooting. While straightening out the garage I came across my old Stoney Point PoleCat shooting stick, which is an ultra lightweight super stiff monopod I used to steady my aim with the black powder rifle. This is an ultra lightweight super stiff 10 oz. monopod that telescopes from 24" to 42" with a "V" grip on the top that can unscrew to expose a standard 1/4"-20 camera mounting stud . the soft rubber coated V-grip works perfect for a quick rest for the base of the camera lens or the back of my hand to hold the camera, providing a very stable monopod brace. These sell for $17-$30 everywhere, or you can spend more to get one with options for working on ice, snow, sand,

Don't overlook your local sporting goods store when shopping for support and optics accessories.

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And don't forget the intriguing idea of using a red dot rifle scope attached to your camera's hot shoe and zeroed in with the viewfinder, for acquiring birds in flight with 300mm+ lenses quickly.
^^ has anyone done this? I've considered things similar to this.
42" is rather low for a camera rest.
That would depend on how tall you are; my niece might have to stand on her toes to use it.

I guess I need to be less meta in my comments.

For those of us who are above 5 feet tall, 43 inches might be a bit low for a camera rest.
. . . and I forgot the smilie-winkie thing! It's all good.
Yep ,Use your old blinds ,calls ,and deaks too! Well sense your not hunting I quess you too can use your "Smartphone" in place of "Mouth calls ".

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