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Jul 21, 2004
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A pacific island (canada)

I found this negative in the vault of an abandoned research hospital in a remote location (government land way out at the end of some poorly maintained roadways full of potholes and littered with branches and rocks). The drawer was labelled "CLOSED FILES" and the folder the negative was affixed to bore a label which read "RESEARCH SUBJECT 14B191". On reading the files in the folder I learned that this was an animal that had escaped from the facility and was tracked with dogs for weeks until its remains were found. Much of the document was blanked out, including all of the research notes, so I do not know what kind of work was being done with this particular animal, nor what sort of animal it was. What little readable text remained was just an account of the successful recovery of the remains and subsequent closing of the file.
interesting, and the place is just left there? open and accessable? how much stuff was left behinde?

I will be documenting it over the coming months as I find time.

The institute must have been quite secret, I have found no references to it anywhere and only stumbled upon it while out exploring the backcountry. Access is very difficult and I don't think anybody has explored it before, on account of the lack of graffiti, etc. There are strange insects and animals preserved in vials and jars in a specimen room; hallways with crumbling tilework and dozens of locked rooms full of stainless steel countertops and unusual lab equipment from at least 100 years ago.
Were there, ... any special tools?

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