Review of Pocket Wizards as remote camera shutter triggers


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Apr 14, 2011
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No matter if you have the TT5's and TT1 transmitter, Pocket Wizard IIs, or a combo (which I use) they make GREAT, I repeat GREAT shutter actuators.

I got support from and they advised me which cable and sold it to me for $26 bux and gave some set up tips. It'd have been much cheaper but the D700 requires a 10-pin connector on the camera side.

The tiny TT1 is transmit only, so its what I hold in my hand and the TT5 or a PWII is triggering the camera and remote lights.

Was kind of screwy to figure out and the video's aren't very clear how to configure but once it works it works and right. Part of the confusion was the fact if we leave the TT5 in TTL mode on the camera, it will work but have a lead time of a few seconds (to send/RX ttl) between shots. Probably not as long as a strobe flash refresh rate anyway, but with studio lighting it was annoying for me. The trick was to use the pocket wizard utlitiy and set the flash to " basic trigger only" and this annoyance was eliminated.

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