Rick & Emily - Engaged


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Nov 15, 2010
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A few from a recent session. Looking for some C&C. Thanks for looking.

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Nice set.

#1 & #7 are wonderful, #1 is very interesting with the lighting. A few too many silhouettes for my liking.
You've got some great shots in there. A few too many of them kissing personally. Don't feel bad I definitely used to do this a lot when I was getting started. It's a safe go to pose but I've found a lot of couples thing its a bit uncomfortable when showing pictures to others. Another tip - Don't be afraid to get in closer, a lot of your shots look like they are from a good amount back. Ease the couple into the session from a distance and when they are comfortable feel free to get a bit closer.
I think the set needs at least a couple of closer, tighter shots to balance it out, but overall, nicely executed.
Trever1t - I have a good selection of other shots that aren't silhouettes. I just oddly picked more of them for this smaller set to share.

Skiboarder72- I intentionally tried getting some wider shots. I do have some close ups, but they weren't as strong as the rest of the set. Posing is not my forte and I struggle in that aspect. I have been trying to read up on it as much as possible. Of course in hindsight, i know exactly how I would have put them.
I realize this isn't going to help the cause of the whole kissing issue, but here is a quick one I grabbed that was closer up.

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I love this set. I'm actually a fan of the silhouettes. These are not your typical run of the mill engagement photos...I love it!

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