Ricoh GD-D. Anyone used one?


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Oct 17, 2005
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edit: not GD-D, but GR-D, sorry

I decided on a ricoh gr-d instead of a panasonic lumix model with a leica lens. Both are digital point and shoots. The ricoh has many attractive features that, in the end, won me over. For example, the ricoh has a fixed wide angle lens (28mm equivalent on 35mm film cameras), and it is decently fast too F2.4-11 i believe?. Full manual control (without having to search through menus to change aperture/ss/focus) is based on two dials, like on DSLRs. Good lens, sturdy construction (magnesium body), manual focus, etc. Online reviews cry over apparent 'noise, even in low ISO settings'. The noise looks to me like grain of film and i like the effect- nice for blk+wht.

then of course i have never used one and i have never met someone who does. i dont even think i know where to get one either....

has anyone here owned/used one?

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