"Road" to Nowhere


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Jun 29, 2013
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North Dakota
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I couldn't decide if I liked the vertical or horizontal lay out better.
For me, maybe the landscape. I keep looking at that red car/truck/boat in the background of #1. I'd also like to see it shot from close to water level.
I find the vertical a bit more interesting. You can actually see what's going on. The horizontal is just a sign in some water, and I don't get any 'story' out of it.
Agree with snowbear on this.. landscape, closer to water level.. also, I think the conditions were a bit flat (overcast) to get much interesting light/reflections out of it.. and you might warm the shot up a bit? If you can get there for another shot, under different lighting, I think you could make it interesting. :)
Landscape gets my vote, but I wish it were a little wider shot so one could get a better sense of place. Interesting, regardless.
I have to go with the vertical because it provides context for the sign and it is also a more interesting composition, with strong leading lines and good placement of the elements in the frame. The horizontal is unbalanced, with nothing of any interest in the left half of the frame.
I prefer the horizontal over the vertical simply because I find the background in the vertical too distracting and not really of any interest. The haziness of the vertical shot also does my head in! Sorry.

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