Roadtrip! (NZ road photo's)


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May 9, 2007
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New Zealand
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My favourite thing to do is jump in the car with the camera and just drive. Did over 300k's yesterday exploring places I haven't been.

Previously posted these abandoned building shots from the trip

Here's some themed a bit more on the actual drive. (In order of distance)


^ Would have liked to take more photo's along here but not really anywhere to stop apart from at the top unless I wanted to cause an accident lol.




^ Just for fun
oo i like the composition of these shots very much! do you have a polarizing lens? Though i don't know the best way to go about it, the sky seems too washed out in the first photo-- i think a polarizing lens might fix that if used properly. Also, i wish the final picture were zoomed out just a bit so "tinky winky" wasnt in such danger of being clipped.

definitely some shots to be proud of, though
No I don't have a polarizer just yet, although I badly want one. The lens I used for that is huge (82mm) so filters will set me back a bit. Yeah I noticed the sky, was also thinking about a gradial filter?

I had to crop Tinky Winky unfortunatly as that was right at the top and the light creeping over it was overpowering. Would like to grab another shot of that next time I'm out that way.

Thanks for the comments. :D

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