Robot lenses on m4/3


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Jun 12, 2011
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So I found some of these lenses for really cheap on eBay and they look small and have big apertures. They seem perfect for my GF2 but what I can't seem in figure out even after digging around the internet is what kind of mount is it. It looks like a screw mount of some sort. Does it use an M39 mount? I read somewhere that it was a C-mount but I couldn't confirm this elsewhere. I tried typing in "Robot to m4/3" on eBay but to no avail. Can someone shed some light on Robot lenses?

P.S. I've decided to get a Jupiter-8 50mm f2 for my first lens for my GF2. Looks nice enough and I like how the M39 adapter is much smaller than the M42. Unfortunately this is all I can afford at the moment, the wider M39 lenses are still quite expensive and given the choice between a vintage 35mm and the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 at a comparable price, I'm definitely going with the latter.
Oooh thanks! Damn, costs more than the lens hahaha. Okay, whatever I'll bite the bullet and buy it.

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