Rock Garden

People on TPF are lazy... we generally like the photos IN the threads, if possible :D.

That being said, it's a nice snapshot. I don't think anyone would hang it on their wall, though... the sky in the background is blown out, and other than the rocks, there's not much to look at. Keep trying, though! Practice makes perfect (sort of).
hey hey thanks man i think first time i got the word "nice" in one of my threads , you know the place is a UNESCO site , its close to my house , they made a nice garden outta just waste plastic and clay, so it generated revenue and is eco friendly the creator won noble or something for it his name is nek chand
the rock garden is pretty cool... i like the look of it
and the shot is decent
doesn't really stand out but i can appreciate it :)
you know what this section is much better than beginners section there are major bullies there , i dont mind a piece of advise but man i cant tell a tiger how to stand now can i?
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