Rocket Launching

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Jul 1, 2003
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Here's an attempt of trying to get a picture of a model rocket just launching:

I telll you! It's hard trying to estimate when those suckers are launching. Especially when you are using a buggy launcher, 3 year old igniters... etc. So I basically had to go by ear. I guess my thing I don''t like about this picture is that the nose of the rocket was cut off. The I'm indifferent to the blurryness, it kind of says "The rocket is going up" and things. hehe Any critique would be lovely!

While I'm making the post, I might as well post another one I thought was a nicer one out of the lot.

Beautiful timing and a good shot!
Luv the kids expression when it's lifting off!
cool shots .. it looks dangerous :D ... are those "real" fire-works?? :shock: ... and if so, where can i find them? :D
We could only wish they where real fireworks! Hehe, It's just a model rocket, which typically aren't dangerous unless you build them poorly.
Definetly fun shots though! I'll have to try and get some night launches sometime, those look awesome.
I wouldn't worry about cutting off the top of the rocket, It doesn't take anythign away, we all know what goes up there and it sort of adds a little mystery. I agree w/ everyone else. I like the boy. I think this owuld be neat w/ a focus on the boy and a real low DOF, but I also like the rocket to. great timing and i give ya props for that one.

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