Rodeo from last night


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Jun 24, 2013
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I like 3 and 4 the most. I know bull riding has become super dangerous, and the bulls now (at least at the high end) are being genetically selected to b damned near impossible to ride for 8 seconds, but the doggone helmets and flack jackets and the facemasks just....still kinda bug me when I see them in photos. Makes me wanna see the next rodeo. PENDLETON ROUND-UP
That d3s is a champ in low light.
The last one is interesting, was noticing how far off the ground they are, nice freezing the action midair - and the spectators add to it.
The bulls are definitely dangerous. I watched a guy ride sans helmet a couple weeks ago and end up in the hospital because the bull came down on his head. It was not good and he was lucky to be alive. A helmet would have at least taken some of the impact. In the three nights at that rodeo, there wasn't a single qualified bull ride. The bulls are smart. So are the horses. There were only a couple qualified bronc rides, too.

Sharon, I love the people behind, too. I really enjoy the reactions from them.
More people are killed by cows and horses than snakes, bears, tigers, lions, sharks and spider combined.
i did more guy the bull stepped on the guys head but he had a helmet on and was i got he is not to lucky.he is coming out almost straight at me and his foot is face the back of the bull and he is still facing forward.but he stayed on.

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