Softball and Mountain Bike.

Some nice shots there imagemaker46! #'s 4, 8 and 10 would definitely be my favourites. #1 makes me dizzy : )
kit lens and teleconverter triumphs again.

I used the canon t2i with my 300 2.8 and 1.4 from out in the field to shoot home plate for one of these shots. I only shot 3-4 frames and didn't like the background so I left. I was surprised how nice the action was. I've been using the t2i with my 17-40 f4 for lots of things, it's a great camera for wide stuff, tough to beat spending $400 on a camera and ended up with solid results.
I thought for a minute you invented a new sport... I like the pictures of the mud splattered riders, especially the close up - great portraits.

I like the first one maybe because occasionally I've had an opportunity to shoot from a somewhat unusual vantage point and have had fun getting a different perspective. And that one's done well too. (Well, all of yours are...)
very nice!
shows what a good photographer can do even with older gear!
Very Nice Picture...!!! like any other of picture...!!!

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