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Aug 16, 2006
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Ely England
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I get asked "how close are you to the birds?" Well the open window of the garage and the tripod minus camera as i had just taken this

and by the time I had returned within about a minute the Goldfinches and a sparrow were already back.
I just had time to grab the camera and quietly go outside to get the shots of the Sparrow Hawk as trees prevented me taking pictures from my normal position. I did remember to push up the iso setting and use a shorter exposure for a long lens - hand held!

I don't mean to be rude but you do notice how pixilated the first one is and how grainy the second is, maybe re size them to make them look at least half decent in clarity. The first one looks like it was taken with a webcam from a few years ago.
i'm not a huge fan of the photos
i agree with the above comments


what an amazing capture for the second one!!
i would wound for that opportunity!! haha
keep trying! :)
I have just looked at the settings i had in Lightroom - size zero for jpeg. I forgot that i had just sized a large batch of images to email to a friend. The Hawk was much cropped and iso 500 - taken in poor light yesterday evening and well down the garden under a willow tree - still the same iso as i returned to the garage to put the camera back on the tripod - and I did reset the iso ready for the goldfinches later!

Is this better on your screen - There is always a discussion on how much sharpening is required for web.

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