Round Britain Reliability Run


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Aug 31, 2004
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Earlier this week I entered myself for the RBRR - a 2000 mile trip around Britain in 48 hours taking place at the start of next October. It's an event organised by one of my car club (Club Triumph) and you have to do it in, funnily enough, a Triumph car. I've bored you enough about it already so I'll just say mine was built in 1968 and has 60bhp. :mrgreen: I do need to take her off the road and work on her but will need a second car to do so as she is my only car. So I may get another Triumph which would be just as old. Anyway, I'm getting boring again.

All costs are for the event are met by the entrants (£60 per person and there must be at least two people, £300-500 for fuel) but the event does sponsor a charity each time it's held (every two years). The entrants seek sponsorship and then during the months after the event the money is collected. Last time it was BLISS (premature babies) and this year it is the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute). So if you're ever over here or use UK waters the money raised will be helping you to make sure you're safe.

So assuming my entry is accepted (ie the cheque doesn't bounce and I'm in the first 100 to apply as there are only 100 places) I'll be seeking sponsorship. I do plan on contacting local businesses and also the local paper. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can raise lots of money? Some enter for the event, some enter to fly around in their cars. As this is the first time I've entered I'm focusing on finishing and getting as much money as I can.

Also, the crew needs to have at least two people - it can have up to three. I've left my co-drivers area blank because I'm waiting to see if my girlfriend passes her driving test. So if anyone is interested let me know. :)

More info on my clubs site.
All places taken within a week! Normally it takes months. Now I just have to wait to see if I've got a place. :)
I'll (modestly) sponsor you if you get a place BUT I want to see a picture of the car first!

Modestly=£5-10 depending on the quality of the shot...
You want me to take an artsy shot??? But, I don't do photography. :mrgreen:

I got place #64. :)
I'll sponsor you to shut up! :lol:

talk to you on sunday about it, I might dust off the old wallet and see if I have any of those 4 bob notes left

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