Ruggle's Powder Room


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Sep 2, 2005
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I dunno, what can I say? Ruggles had to freshen up somewhere, right?

c/c welcome. :)
It looks like the bottom of one's throat...
Seriously, I love it, very nice tones in the water and I love the mysterious look
In the editing I would tone down the rock on the left side, it looks too bright to me.
Nice, but you need to address the brightness along the left edge - pulls me right out of the image. I like that rock formation as a frame for the image, so I'd try to darken it.
Oh! Well, looky there - a color version. :lol: This is a different view, and I believe I would actually prefer the other one as it is in B&W. The blue of this water is a strange hue, almost doesn't look natural. The longer I study this one, the more I'm convinced the other one is a better composition and the place is stronger in B&W.

My two cents. :)
First, thank you all.

Ken I'm with you on the brightness... I already pulled it down by pulling down the general highlights but couldn't do it any more without damaging the highlights throughout. Working on just that section hadn't actually occurred to me. Good idea!

Yeah the blue of the water is really freaky. I think it is because of all the minerals.

This is actually the same cavern taken from another hole cave entrance. The place was like a ... well, like a mine, I guess. :)

Terri, I kind of like the other one better myself, though I do like them both.... I keep staring at them trying to decide. This one almost feels "too easy". There's no overlapping curves and such like the other one has.

Thank you all!
I like both the color and b&w images of the cavern. I tend to favor this color photo for its dimension and for its deserving and natural beauty.
Thanks, Fanboy!

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