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Dec 24, 2007
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since I work out, I've seen exercise like not just a way to keep in shape and having good health but just some kind of therapy, the other day I went to this park nearby my house and snapped some pictures about this...

the idea was to shot people like if they were running away from me... since they exercise here every morning not just to work-out but also for running away from city life and all the social problems that live in it but as always, we need to come back (last picture) C&C Welcome... thank you!




Since you're asking for C&C, and since you are NOT inviting people to share THEIR photos of people running (towards them, away from them, away from THINGS etc), I don't think the Photo Themes are the right place for this thread, so I moved it to the General Gallery. That forum seems "more fit" (no pun intended ;)) for this series.
oh ok! sorry for my misunderstanding and thanks for the explanation...

things that happen when you're a rookie hahaha
#1, 3, and 4 seem kind of dull. It would have been nice to see the runners "running". i.e. classic jogging stride. Would have put more action in the photo and made it exciting.

I like #2, good colors, path leads you to the bikers. Your focal plane looks like it is past the bikers. The bush beyond the bikers is in focus, but the bikers appear out of focus.

I think #4 would have popped if she was running and looking up.
the idea was to shot people like if they were running away from me...
I don't get that feeling at all. A less formal shot with motion blur and off angles could begin to communicate that concept. Maybe have a friend dramatically run past you looking back in horror.. B&W, grainy, candid...


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