Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


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Sep 13, 2010
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Here is a shot I took back in March on a weekend trip to Barcelona. I had seen many shots of this cathedral before and I always wondered what was so special about it other then it is yet another Gaudi building. I have to say that in person it is VERY impressive. I have seen many of the worlds great religious structures and this one is one of the best. Hope you like the photo and C&C is always welcome. cheers :smile:

Here is the rest of my Barcelona shots Facebook - Photobucket

very impressive structure. are you into photoshop at all? im not but think it would help if you took out the cranes and darkened up the sky a bit to make it more dramatic.
Ya I have CS5 but I haven't really played with it much yet. At some point Im going to get them out but for now. . . . . . . . I did pull a few things out a little bit in Lightroom3 including the sky but I just wanted it to look natural. Great idea though Im going to work on it in the future for sure. Thanks
great shot beautiful building
Stunning shot. The perspective is fantastic.

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