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Dec 13, 2008
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Hey guys, another one for C&C. Thank you.
That is a really nice shot I love the colors...............
Really great colors, but the cactus is out of place to me...almost looks cut out, not sure if its the crop or just how close it is to the camera. Incredible sunset though must have be nice to see
Really close to camera, with fill flash, I also have it as a silhouette.
It's the flash that makes it look a little funny. Still, interesting result.

Was this taken with a tripod?
if you would have used a less powerfull flash or a diffuser it would have made the cactus look more real...but still, Thats a picture Id make at least 8x10 or 8x12 and hang it on my wall.

Love the colours and composition!
The other thing that makes the cactus look a little odd is the color and direction of the light. With the sunset where it is, for the light to look natural it would need to be coming from way off to the left where the sun is and be that yellow instead of white.

I like this shot quite a bit the way it is, but it might be interesting to get a cord or wireless for your flash and move it over that way, plus try putting a yellow gel on it.
Ok, you guys are all talking about the cactus fill flash. Here is a Silhouette version.
Yep, I still like the flash better. It would be fun to play with the different ideas, but of course you don't get a sunset like that every night. Or do you? :lol:
Quite often. And yeah, messing around might make it better. Which do you guys prefer?
I do like the first shot it has some real potential. As mentioned the use of the flash killed it though. It now looks as though it was photoshopped in there.
Did you use a tripod for these?
No, handheld. Yeah, it is too bad about the appearance, However that is really the best of the group.
No, handheld. Yeah, it is too bad about the appearance, However that is really the best of the group.

Hey, don't take it too hard... I think they look quite cool. Sure, you could do some other stuff with them to make them neater, but that's what the learning process is all about. I've probably returned to the same site to take the same picture a dozen times or more (spread across a few places).

It's actually a really GREAT way to learn, because so much remains consistent in what you're trying to accomplish.

Anyway, another thing... bring a tripod. I noticed that the edges seemed kind of soft to me (except the cactus with the flash), and it occurred to me you might have taken a slightly longer exposure hand-held... I don't KNOW this, but it was a hunch. I'm guessing, but like... 1/20th of a second, maybe?
Probably along those lines, let me check. Also it was a pretty strong crop. It was 1/60, straight from camera.\
I actually have to get a new one, my 190 was run over. :cry:

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