Salvation Army food sort

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Mar 10, 2008
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This is more of a photojournalism shot(well, that's exactly what it is actually) but I always post on that board and never really on the other boards. So now I'm here on the b&w board.

It's from a story I'm working on. The local Salvation Army is in need of food donations and my editor wanted me to do a photo essay to get that word out.

This is a shot of a man sorting food for "Sally Bags(food bags)" and food boxes. Those are canned peaches he's grabbing. Salads to his left. Not sure what those boxes are to his right.

Comments and crits are always welcomed.

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Nevertheless, the shot is good. The photo looks like a piece from a story, as you mentioned, so is hard to make connections and comments. Waiting for the entire series.

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