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Dec 14, 2003
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A few images from my weekly walk at the zoo.


Hear me roar!!!!!!



These are incredible! Love the roar (yawn?) shot. Great colors and composition and detail.
What kind of lens do you find most useful for great zoo shots?
I cannot find any other word but the all comprising


All sooooo good! I am ever so impressed.
And you lucky one to have the zoo near enough to own a season ticket!
With Hagenbeck's im Hamburg being some 80 kms away ... I go there RARELY (almost never). Last I was there was when I invited my husband to their "Romantic Night" (little groups of musicians scattered all over the place, playing classical music as of 7 p.m. - and it all ended with some big fireworks at 10:30 - quite nice). But my photos ............... best stay in the shoe box :oops:
Another stunning series. Love that predator look in the first shot, and the two of the lioness surveying the realm.
Wow!!!! I like to go to the zoo and do pics too, but can't seem to get close enough! Do you use a specific lens? Your photos are fantastic!
Thanks so much everyone. Appreciate your kind words.

Corinna. The zoo here is a 5 or so minute car drive. It is so amazing to just flash a card and walk in. If none of the animals are out, I just go back the next weekend. Most of the big cats are always out, and are my faves.

Jaime...thank you so much for your kind words. I shot these with the Canon XTI, with a Sigma 170-500mm lens. I do not take my tripod, but put my glove on the fence and rest the barrel of the camera on there. Since the sun is really low in the winter, these were taken around 11am.
Thanks again.

Incredible Chiller!! Love em! Hear me roar is awesome!
Wow, I never thought the Sigma 17-500 would be that sharp...were any of these taken at 500?
Thanks again everyone.
N'color....These were close to the 500mm, but I have found that at the long end of the lens, it can be a little soft. Ya really gotta stablize it, and try to use a faster shutter speed. So far it seems to work. I shot a car race with the same lens. Not as crisp as I would have like, but it did ok. One day...when I have some $$$, I will get some better glass. :thumbup:

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