SB-600 acting very strange


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Jan 18, 2008
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I searched thru the forums and didn't find anything about the problem I am experiencing with my relatively new SB-600.

It won't turn on, unless I reset it, and then it will only stay on until a reposition the flash head. It's not a battery issue, I've cycled thru many batteries fresh out of their packages to determine this easily enough. No damage has occurred to the flash either. The screen will sometimes flash green at me when I'm repositioning the head while it's off, but that is all it will do unless I reset it.

Any guesses? Thanks for your help!
Sounds like bad juju. I'm guessing you aren't talking about it going in standby mode? Can have a local camera shop have a look? Is it returnable? Nothing like that with mine.
Sounds like a bad unit to me. The only time mine goes blank is when it is in standby.

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