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Sep 3, 2007
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I got a sb600 the other day, hoping to be able to use it off the camera but ive now found out I cant do it from my d50 :(
I know higher end models can and I think the sb800 can but is there a way I can use my flash completely wirelessly with my d50?
I think I know what i need but cant remember the name of them...
Hope that makes sense.

-Thanks, Matt
You can do it with any camera that has a hotshoe adapter. The SB600 should have a PC port on it, and any pc cord can be attached to the camera either through a camera pc port, or a hotshoe via an adapter. This is the most basic form of off camera connection. Nikon sells units that will fire remote flashes via infrared. If you Read The Manual for the flash, I'm sure it will mention options. In addition to that, you can purchase radio triggers to get you wireless. Your options, ranging from low to high price are, Cactus, Elinchrome, and Pocket Wizard, (those are the ones that I know of).

More info can be had here:
Yes setting the flash to SU-4 mode and your oncamera flash to as dark as possible should trigger the wireless flash with little effect from the D50's own.

However taking it a step further for pennies you can buy small cheap wireless hotshoe triggers on ebay, clip one to the camera, one to the flash and away you go :)
Damn no SU-4 on the SB-600? That's kinda dodgy seeing how the hardware is in place for it already. Maybe it's called something else.

Anyway the pocket wizards are fantastic. I could hardly justify the price of them though. If you pickup ebay triggers which work well, occasionally miss-fire, and don't have the 100ft pocketwizard range, you'll have enough money for a second SB-600 :D
hmm sounds like a pretty sweet idea Garbz, thanks.

Just have to save for another sb-600 now:)

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