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Oct 12, 2007
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Gilberts, IL
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I've been working with SB900 for few months now, and besides overheating issue, I'm having a "power" problem. Two weeks ago I bought Quantum Turbo Sc Battery pack for my flash, but for some reason during heavy use, I'm getting the following error: (the battery pack is fully charged)


I bought the battery pack so I don't have to buy the batteries so often. Do you have any idea why this is happening? It bothers me and I would like to know if any of you had similar problems. I never had any issues with my old SB800.

Yeah I have been having lots of problems with mine, but it all tends to be because of overheating. Maybe there is some confusion because it is third party. Might still be an overheating issue, but it's confused....
Things like this come up with 3rd party gear all the time.

Not just power packs, but camera vertical grips, lenses, using memory cards not approved by the camera maker,etc, too.
The battery pack if fully charged, and I have to have 4 AA inside the flash in order to use the battery pack - weired. Without the batteries it won't even power up.
yeah, if it dosn't work with aa batteries i''d say it's shot, gone are the days where we could fix things ourselves.. send it to nikon... ya konw, it's weird, you can look on the internet for schematics and instructions to fix ANYTHING.. except in our industry...maybe we need to work on posting that stuff somewhere--and don't look at me, i use a hammer to fix things in my house!!!

Mike Leggero
Contact Quantum first and see if they have seen this issue already. More than likely they have and can provide you with the necessary information. If Quantum can not help you contact Nikon.

As for needing batteries in the unit. That is standard, the unit is not broken if it won't' work without batteries in it. That is the way it is built. The display and the brains of the unit are powered by the internal batteries. They are delicate electronics that need a standard constant flow of juice to work.

The external pack is made to just power the flash solenoid to increase the number of flashes and the recovery time. I would quite buying AA batteries for the thing. Big waste of money. Invest in some rechargeable AA batteries and a good battery charger for the unit.

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