Anyone follow Joel Grimes?


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Aug 8, 2009
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I find his work amazing. I love his editing techniques as well. But what I love most are his sport portraits. But I am confused on whether or not his backgrounds are composite or not. But this is the picture that made me really look into his work. Kevin | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Anyone have any editing tips on this? It looks like a cross between a Dave Hill effect and a dragan effect.

Here is a link to his Flickr stream. Flickr: Joel Grimes Photography's Photostream
That's a really sharp portrait. Appears to me there's some extreme local contrast boosting going on in the face. It works. I'd like to see a full screen resolution version of this image.
Check out his other work. It's great. He gas a tutorial on editing but it's $100.
check Lucis Art software, it will give you that effect as well.

He tells you how he set up the lighting for the baseball shot

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