Scan slides. Hp deskjet 3770.


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Jul 2, 2014
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I don't know if this was the right thread. I have tried to scan slides with Windows Vista's built in scanner program. Tried to scan in 600dpi in Tiff. But it doesn't get any good. I tried to invert colors in paint but the slides get all white.

I tried to find a scanner program for HP deskjet 3770 but i only found for XP that did not work in Vista. There should be programs with the functionality to scan negative but i don't find it in Vista control panel scan function.
Scanned in 2400dpi in Windows Vista program paint. Scanned in greyscale. But to invert colors only makes the negative white and non visible.
It's so complicated to scan negatives. I got a app on Android. If you take one negative and place it on your laptop screen and have android camera you see the colors. But the photo gets blurry and way to small.
These negativs are small. 1,8cm. The smallest ones from 70 or 80s.
Get scanview64 it was well worth the 30 bucks or so. Added lots of functionality to my old flat bed scanner.

Inverting color negs is tricky business needs white balance among other things. I have a $100 add in for light room and still have issues getting the color right.
I have a android app. Photo negative scanner. It automatically choice the right colors so it looks exactly like the original. The only thing is that the photos is very very small and a little blurry. The phone camera can't takes photos real real close. There must be easy programs like that. I have really looked for pc.

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