Scanning BW negatives


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Dec 30, 2011
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I have several hundred BW negatives of various sizes that I would like to scan. My scanner is crap so I know I'll need a good scanner, what else do I need. Thanks
A scanner is pretty much all you need... (A film scanner will come with everything else you need, except for maybe a PP program in your favorite flavor.)

Several hundred shouldn't take too long, really. Figure a roll a day, unless you have a lot of free time. Look into Epson scanners. V600 or 700 series, depending on budget and needs (700 series can scan more/bigger film).
I have a Plustech I works much better than my flatbed. If I had a lot to do that's what I would pick.
I used one of those for a long time before I switched completely to Linux (not compatible) - I liked it. Only downside was that it was 35mm only.

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