Scattered Cards.

Miss Cogs

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May 10, 2008
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Under the clouds; covered in rain.
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A photo that I am entering in the Washington State Competition.
Critique would be nice, thank you. :3

nice shot, i like that gradient effect, but that folded 7 of clubs just bothers me, lols just MO
Print it on fiber paper and you've got a decent entry. A winning one..... maybe not. It's a nice picture, technically accomplished, but it lacks that "wow" factor. There's not really anything interesting in the picture to me, literally just scattered cards. I really like the texture on the cards though (which is why fiber paper would work awesome with this) - so (since I'm not familiar with the competition) if that "wow" factor isn't high on the judges' list, then :thumbup:
a bottle of scotch
ashtray with lit cigarette
half empty whisky glass maybe stained with lipstick
and the scatterd cards. preferrably a couple of hearts in iit. especially queen of hearts.
i second what he said ^^^^^^^
Thank you everyone for the help.
I printed it on luster surface paper from i2i.
It came out nice looking.
I'll be matting it soon.
As for the competition, I'm not really entering to win but just to gain the experience and knowledge.
I'm still learning...vigoursly. :3

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