Scion BR-Z

Scion FR-S, BRZ is the the Subaru version. I personally hate the slammed look.

2nd one is better.
Brand new car and he's already broken all the springs?

The car makes me expect his pants around his knees when he gets out of the car.

Good pictures of it though :thumbup:
arghhhh your right Runnah, don't know what I was thinking.

yeah car less then a year old. was built least year in about 2 months time for SEMA now its just touring around the country for the summer for Scion. Owner is a nice guy, no pants on the ground. Takes a lot of money, skill and talent to acquire the level of sponsorship he has at this point.

I love the slammed look myself. my own showcar sits on air and touches pavement.
^hahah! i like function over form too...
Burning an awful lot of oil there Runnah. Was a "le-mons" event? ;-)
That would be fun. Ive done a lot of autocross in the past but havn't done any type of rally events. Currently running around in the drifting circles doing a lot of photography for them. I like all of it personally. I consider shows cars just another form of art.
Burning an awful lot of oil there Runnah. Was a "le-mons" event? ;-)

Hey that was a high performance machine!

Just out of frame was a large puddle, that is steam from the hot exhaust.

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