Seagulls at Cayuga Lake

Dave NY

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Jun 19, 2022
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Went to Taughannock Park yesterday and spent some time takin photos of boats, birds, etc. and wanted your opinions on what you think.

Seagulls-1 Resized.jpg

Please give me your honest opinions.
A little over exposed and you cut the tail off one of the birds.....
Here's another shot of the same 2. In the first 1 I was trying to stay within the rule of thirds but I personally prefer to have the subject centered in such shots.
Seagulls-2 Resized.jpg
I agree with Jeff. The rule of thirds is a rule that can help a pic but no one has to follow it but you should be prepared to hear some negativity over it. I like breaking rules with my tastes so I get that a lot. :wink-6: All I can say about the pics is move your exp. comp wheel to the left when it's bright out with white birds involved so you don't blow the whites out. I know you like centering the one bird in such pics as in #2 but here's a suggestion. you can do with it as you wish, but a pic like that can also look good if you get a vertical thirds line on each bird with equal space on the left and right. Of course, you may have to crop in from both sides to achieve it but that can also establish some balance when two birds are separated like that. I do like the color in the 2nd shot a lot and the sharpness is good. Most importantly, have fun with it. 😊
I try whenever nature allows me to get the main part of my shot a little off-center. In a bird shot for example give the bird space the way it is looking (if that makes sense).. Good luck
If I center a shot, I always make sure I have room to crop to get the rule of thirds, and that works most of the time. Some just look nicer centered. On the second one, you could get away with cropping off some of the left side to move the birds over a little, especially since they are facing to the right side of the frame.

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