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    Ok, so I ran into this 91 year young lady photographer (Jini Dellaccio), she used to be a rock-and-roll bands photographer, having worked with Mick Jagger (Rollingstones) and other famous singers/rockers. She is happily retired to AZ from the Seattle area and has decided to sell anything analog that she had. She managed to sell and/or give away most of her stuff, such as view cameras, a Hasselblad kit, a Nikon RF, Leicas and so on. She was left with a Seal dry mount press, one of the larger models, in mint condition, (maybe used twice) in her garage. She is trying to sell it and since she doesn't have anyone around to help her with that, I offered.

    So, with that in mind, is anyone interested in this piece at all? I would like to know if there is interest and after that I'll work it with her so that the price on it is a bargain price for you. I get the impression that she wants to dump it as soon s possible, so the price will be quite low.

    Let me know people...



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