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Jan 8, 2006
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Puyallup, WA
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Messing around at work last night. Just got back from a fire and snapped this. The station does not provide a great light source so we used one off the engine. Really busy night so I didn't have a lot of time to really do what I would have wanted. Suggestions? Going to try again on Tuesday if we are not to busy.

Feel free to edit but just let me know what you do so I can learn something.

I love the darker tones with the more solemn expression, as well as how the writing on his helmet can be so easily read, meanwhile the other side of his face is almost completely dark. Now after saying that, I might just add, there is some detail on his upper eyelid, and I think I would prefer either it not being there, or both eyes having some catch-light. I am curious to what other people feel about this.

Great image, it would make a great series
It's a nice shot, but a bit too dark for me. I think spending some time with levels and curves would liven it up. At the very least, I would move the white point further in to help the contrast.
Thanks for the comments. With only two people on this forum providing feedback I must be doing OK.
nice shot - i think the rich dark tones add to the feel of this shot but probably agree that a bit more detail on dark side of face could better it even more xx

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